Covenant Theology (Part 1 of 3)
Covenant is such a significant Bible topic that I received permission to share my edited three-part version of a series written by J. E. Leonard. Exploring this subject is very much worth your time. What is a covenant? I.e., what are the constituent elements involved in a covenant? What is some language by which we can determine whether covenant ideology is under consideration or not? And how does the lawsuit Yahweh claimed against Israel relevant? See first PDF HERE. Or listen here:


How Jesus Fulfills Covenant (Part 2 of 3)
How is Jesus the link between the old and new covenants? How do the types and shadows of the old covenant come into play? And how can Jesus not be who He claimed when He fulfilled over 300 prophecies? Just fulfilling 8 prophecies is impossible … unless you’re the Messiah. Jesus is the very fulfillment of covenant. See how HERE. Or listen here:



How Jesus Embodies Covenant (Part 3 of 3)
Did/Does Jesus fit/fulfill all seven constituent elements comprising the concept of covenant? If so, how? What does the man running away naked in Mark 14 have to do with all of this, if anything? Jesus is the very embodiment of covenant. See how HERE.  Or listed below:

These “covenant” studies were created by me from a marvelous work by the late J. E. Leonard, a twelve-chapter book that may be purchased at