How To Donate To This Ministry!

There are several ways to donate to my ministry!

Using you may contribute via Paypal’s FREE Friends & Family feature or, much better (again with email address), contribute through,, or best yet

If you wish to send a check, cashier’s check, or “Post Office” money order (I have trouble cashing other money orders around here), you may send those to PO Box 1175, Mabelvale, AR 72103.

If you wish to use a credit card, you may use Paypal’s regular fee-based payment method, for I have no other means to take credit cards. And/Or…

Purchase books by emailing me with your order. They may be purchased at, but I receive more in royalties for my work on these books if they are ordered directly from me, which of course is very much appreciated! 🙂 However…

HERE is the link to my Amazon author’s page so that you may choose what you wish, then check out. Oh, and don’t forget to use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature for each book to view information about the book such as its table of contents. Thank You. 🙂