How To Donate To This Ministry!

There are several ways to donate to my ministry!

Using, you (at least with most banks) may easily use (aka zelle) to send either a one-time contribution or to set up an automatic monthly draft directly from bank to bank. Otherwise…

Using TEverettDenton and 7076 (and more along the lines of paypal—which I no longer use!), you may send funds once or monthly via However…

If you wish to send a snail-mail check, cashier’s check, or money order, you may send such to 2000 S Apache Rd Lot 380, Buckeye, AZ 85326.

Since I, of course, can’t take credit cards, one may purchase copies of my books on with credit cards. … Side-Note: If you just want one book, I can’t beat Amazon’s pricing (especially if one is a Prime member); however, if you wish to purchase more than one and don’t need to use a credit card, then please go through me, for I get more royalties for my own work by by-passing the third party of Amazon.

HERE is the link to my Amazon author’s page so that you may choose what you wish, then check out. Oh, and don’t forget to use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature for each book to view information about the book such as its table of contents. Thank You. 🙂