The Biblical Satan (Pt 1 - The Hebrew Scriptures - The OT)
Determining the accurate identity of the satan &/or the devil in any given context is a very important endeavor, for it isn’t the same all across the Bible. Since the New Testament Scriptures are very heavily founded in/upon the Old Testament Scriptures, then understanding the satan in the Old Testament will help us in learning how to identify the satan in the New Testament Scriptures (cf. Rom. 15:4). So check out my PDF notes HERE. Or you may listen below:


The Biblical Satan (Pt 2 - The Greek Scriptures - The NT)
What/Who Is the Satana/Diabolos/Ekthros (Satan/Devil/Enemy) in the New Testament? This is much more important than some seem to think when it comes to interpreting the overall picture of what was going on during the first-generation church. Here’s a link to the PDF, and/or you can listen to the audio here via youtube:


Devils, Demons, ... and Idols?
What/who were/are biblical devils &/or demons? Were/are they metaphysical wicked beings who had/have the power to possess the bodies of human beings? Do they still exist today? Is it possible they weren’t/aren’t supernatural beings at all? So consider my PDF notes on this topic HERE.

Or listen to me blather here:


Hell In The Bible--Yes or No?
Just some summary thoughts of what I now believe on the topic of hell in the Bible in contrast to what I was formerly taught, believed, and taught myself. The main reason why this has been a lesson so long in coming is due to what I’ve come to believe in satan and immortality; i.e., because of what I believe about them (as can be discovered in other lessons on my website:, hell became a totally moot point. But since I’ve been asked for something on hell … here’s “something” in Transcript and Audio:


Immortality -- For Whom?
Ever hear of CI (conditional immortality) and UI (unconditional immortality)? If so, in which do you believe and why? If not, you really should read THIS PDF &/or listen to the youtube audio below: